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Where I stand on the issues: 

  1. Pro-life from conception to natural death. All life must be considered precious or none of it will be.

  2. Pro 2nd amendment and against RED FLAG laws.  Red flags are unconstitutional, unneeded, unworkable and unsafe for all involved.

  3. Roads and Bridges- Motor vehicles are most efficient, while they are freely moving at highway speeds.  If the policy of the governor was truly to reduce greenhouse emission the focus of the DOT long range planning would be to eliminate traffic jams. The state has a monopoly on highways and we deserve a system that works so you can get to work and back home to your loved ones as fast and as safely possible. 

  4. Lower taxes, limited government - We need a state government that recognizes that there is no free money only taxes that have been collected from someone that earned it. Budget surpluses should be returned to those that actually paid more than was needed.

  5. I support removing state income tax from Social Security benefits. This would allow seniors keep more of the money that they worked so hard to earn.

  6. Public safety – The fundamental function of government is to keep citizens safe and help you secure your property. I believe this includes the right to PEACEABLE assemble without harassment. You should to be able to attend a rally without fear of attack. You should be able to travel on any road without fear of a protest blocking your path. 

  7. Protect Healthcare- Market competition and the right to choose your insurer is the path to more affordable healthcare. I believe that your private information is just that and you should be able to limit who has access to data. 

  8. Rule of law- I support changes that would hold judges accountable for not upholding laws and stop the practice of Judicial Nullification. I believe that if a judge wants to make and pass laws they should get elected to the legislature not legislate from the bench, disregarding the will of the people. I believe that judges that do not follow state law should lose their protection from civil liability.

  9. Parental rights- I believe that parents have the right to make decisions about what is best for their children including education and healthcare.

  10. Pledge to support MN GOP Statement of Principles.

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